The My Awesome Blueprint Content Template


You can use this kind of template for forum posts, blog posts, or other content. It’s typically stuff your audience will love you for.
It’s the kind of content that if you post it on a forum, it will become sticky, and people will rate it with many stars.
You can use the My Awesome Blueprint Content Template, when you’ve come up with a new system, or a new plan to succeed.
It doesn’t have to be a blueprint on how to build a million dollar business.
It can simply be your blueprint to getting one new blog online each week or some other system, you’ve come up with.


This is how you use the My Awesome Blueprint Content Template:
Pick your topic.
Come up with an intriguing headline.
Examples: “How I Made My Own Kitchen in 24 Hours – Your Step-by-Step Plan” or “My Blueprint to Create 7 Niche Sites Per Week”


Write an introduction to your content.
Let your readers know that you’ve come up with a new system, or a new angle, and create anticipation.
If your system is completely new or unique, explain to your readers why it’s better than doing things otherwise.


Use bullet points to show your step-by-step guide to obtain the same result that you did.
Remember to warn your readers if they’re likely to encounter any problems underway and steer them clear of them.

Summon up your content in the conclusion, and encourage your reader to use your blueprint.
Lead into your resource box, if you’re writing for content syndication, traffic or back links.

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